Fireside Chat On The Macroeconomic Influences Rippling Across The AdTech Scene

Macro trends always trickle down, causing advertising to zig and zag. An inverted yield curve has always preceded a recession. Are you prepared either way? Brian Wieser and Tom Triscari will give you some assurances and readiness tips one way or the other.

Fireside Chat About Public Adtech Players, Valuations, Winning And Losing (not currently available)

Before 2020 there were five non-walled garden public adtech companies. Now there are more than twenty. Most are trading at well below their IPO price. Who is overvalued or undervalued? Cookie exposure and AI are big deals for AdTech. Laura Martin, Shweta Khajuia, and Mark Zgutowitz will tell us what they see and how it could all shake out.


Private Equity and Investment Banker Perspective Panel (not currently available)

In this session, we’ll move up the asset class continuum with a fascinating discussion from a private equity perspective mixed with an investment banker’s point of view. Reed Rayman (Apollo), John Kunschner (Landmark Ventures) and Stephen Master (GTCR) get interviewed by Bill Wise (CEO MediaOcean). Bill has been on all sides of the M&A world and knows it better than most. He will walk us through the AdTech deal scene taking shape in 2024 and 2025.

Venture Capital Perspective Panel

In this star-studded session, we’ll turn it over to our guest speakers from the venture capital world with hundreds of investments in AdTech. These astute investors see most, if not all, AdTech pitches — Eric Franchi (Aperiam Ventures), Sanja Partalo (S4S Ventures), Joe Marchese (Human Ventures), Darcy Frisch (Hearst Ventures) will be moderated by the angel everyone seems to go to for seed funding — Brian O’Kelley, the “Godfather of AdTech.”

Too good to be true, too big to fail: Looking at Ad Tech’s market distorting effects from public markets to venture capital.

We just heard from the world’s top AdTech investors. In this session, we’ll take a view from the outside of AdTech back in. Joe Marchese sits on the board of several companies. He knows advertising, media and adtech inside and out. But now he places venture bets in other areas. It can be argued that the public and private markets are being driven almost entirely by advertising and AI, but that the role of AdTech in getting credit for demand vs creating demand has impact up and down the economic value chain. What are the lessons and opportunities for venture investing today based on this? Does AdTech work for start-ups?

Valuation 101: Valuation Use Cases with Laura Martin And Sir Martin Sorrell

Ad Budget, Respect, And Tenure: When CMOs Speak The CFO’s Language, They Keep More And Get More. A Fireside Chat with Bob Lord

We all hear the news every year… CMO tenure is less than two years and falling. Some marketers have figured out the alchemy of speaking the CFO’s language and vice-versa. There is no longer any reason for CMOs and CFOs to live on Venus vs Mars. Brian Wieser knows how to bridge the gap. You’ll see a real-time approach to this new lexicon with nothing lost in translation when he digs in with Bob Lord.

An Investor’s Perspective on Holding Company Acquisition Thesis This Year/Next Year

Everyone loves you when you bring in the cheddar. One day you discover a new religion that is gaining steam. You want to be the preacher and own the church. That’s the way companies get acquired by holding companies. Yes, there is more to it and you’ll hear about it when Adam Berkowitz joins the stage with Brian Wieser and Bob Lord to walk us through the new religions materializing across agency M&A thinking.


Data-nomics: The Gravity Theory of Walled Garden Data Trades

That’s a mouthful. And very tasty too. Data trades are happening everywhere more and more. And market-makers known as cleanrooms are right in the middle of it all. Tom Triscari will trace through the compelling economics of data trades while Liveramp CFO Lauren Dillard, Matt Sanchez of Yahoo and Joe Root of Permutive add color and shading. You walk away with the full picture.

Retail Media/Commerce Media Is The Hot Spot Place To Be

Worldwide retail media spending will hit $140 billion this year, according to eMarketer’s most recent forecast. For advertisers, they are shifting focus toward the best places to get the audience targeting job done sans cookies — retail media is one of the go-to places for media money to flow. In this fireside chat interview, Ari Paparo takes us on a journey with three of the world’s top subject matter experts — Todd Parsons Chief Product Officer at Criteo, Elizabeth Donovan, Head of the Marriott Media Network, Global Ad Revenue and Leora Kelman Partner at Boston Consulting Group.



DSP: The behavioral economics of DSP selection and media dollar flows

Join Tom for an enlightening fireside chat with Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer of Yahoo, as they talk through the fascinating world of media buying through the lens of behavioral economics. With Elizabeth’s background in psychology from Harvard and her unparalleled expertise in media buying, she offers unique insights into real-world principles of behavioral economics. This conversation will explore the dynamic changes in media buying practices, shedding light on the theories of behavioral economics (Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky, and Richard Thaler). You will discover how concepts like loss aversion, the endowment effect, and framing influence media-buying behavior.

Publisher Economics Are In Flux, Attention Metrics Are Pricing Currency

The open web is not what it used to be. Brian Wieser sees creative destruction as a natural and avoidable thing. It’s also good, but only if you think about it and get ahead.

In this critically important chat with Marc Guldimann (Moderator), Paul Bannister and Sheila Spence, he will take you through how the publishing pricing landscape is evolving and what we can expect on the other side of this shift.

Consumers Are Millions of Walled Gardens, making the economic trade-off of value exchange stick is the hard part

Walled Garden business models eat up 80% of global ad spend. Their share is heading toward 90% by the end of the decade. Publisher data is mostly walled off now, or at least they have tall enough hedgerows. Streaming+ players are all walled gardens full of 1st party data fruits. The same goes for retail media. Advertisers are building as much consented 1st-party as fast as they can. And the government is building walls for consumer data. Jamie Barnard has forgotten more about data privacy than most people know. After his fireside chat with Kathryn Farrara, and Alysa Hutnik you’ll know what they know.

Economics of Creative

Forget about finance and economics. You can have the greatest targeting and biggest media budgets, but that won’t matter much if your creative stinks. Just look at Super Bowl 58. Tons of ads, but Dunkin’ Donuts with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck stole the show. Nobody remembers the other ads. Yet the economics of creativity is in flux. As advertisers demand more work, the price they are willing to pay for great creativity decreases. Will AI save the day? Michael Farmer wrote all about it in his book Madison Avenue Manslaughter. His client Sabrina Traskos from AstraZeneca, has been on that creative road and has taken the road less traveled and so has Jo Kinsella. Let’s break on through to the other side.

The StoryTeller: Managing People and Change With Rishad Tobaccowala

Rishad is a master at making sense of the current realities and helping us focus on what that means for our future. He’s been listening and taking notes throughout the day. He’ll share his perspective on applying what we’ve learned, as only Rishad can.